Artículo interesante sobre Defensa (inglés)

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Artículo interesante sobre Defensa (inglés)

Mensaje  Ploktar el Miér Dic 17, 2008 5:01 pm

How good is Defense?
I was reminded recently that I had wrote about How much Avoidance Defense gives over a year ago and that even today, people don’t quite understand just how good it is. Let’s rehash the facts:

4.92 Defense Rating = 1 Defense Skill
1 Defense Skill = 0.04% Miss + 0.04% Dodge + 0.04% Parry + 0.04% Block
1 Defense Skill does NOT = 0.16% Avoidance because Block % is not Avoidance.
1 Defense Skill = 0.12% Avoidance
Defense, Parry, Dodge
49.18 Parry Rating = 1% Avoidance
41.00 Defense Rating = 1% Avoidance
39.35 Dodge Rating = 1% Avoidance
So, as we see again… Defense offers a better return on Avoidance than Parry does and almost as good of return as Dodge. However, this is not to say that everything is the same as it was. Things definitely have changed. Two things, in particular, in fact:

1. Blocking
It’s useful now or I should say… Block Rating/Block Chance is useful now. In the past, we could and did spam Shield Block and while it gave us Carpal tunnel, it also meant that we blocked virtually every single attack rendering additional Block chance relatively useless. Well, as you know Shield Block has a 40/60 second cooldown now which means that when it’s down… blocking matters. The result is:

41 Defense Rating = 1% Avoidance + 0.33% Block Chance
41 Dodge Rating = 1.04% Avoidance
Suffice to say, it’s worth giving up 0.04% Avoidance for 0.33% Block Chance now. Then again, what if I told you that you weren’t even giving that up. Well, that brings us to the next point…

2. Diminishing Returns
Those ugly 2 words that result in endlessly amounts of math that’s nearly uncomprehendable without a PhD. What’s a simple way of explaining it? The more Parry Rating you have, the more Parry Rating it will take to make up 1% Avoidance. The more Dodge Rating you have, the more Dodge Rating it will take to make up 1% Avoidance. And yes, even the more Miss Rate you have, the more Miss Rate it will take to make up 1% Avoidance. Which means that maxing out one Avoidance stat (i.e. Dodge Rating) is no longer as good as it once was. We want balance.

…and that’s what Defense provides. It balances your Avoidance gain across 3 Avoidance stats instead of 1. You also may have noticed above that I didn’t mention Block Rating in what’s affected by Diminishing Returns. That is because Block Rating is not affected by Diminishing Returns.

What’s it all mean?
Things have changed. Defense is no longer 2nd best. Point for point it is now better than both Parry and Dodge Rating. Which isn’t to say that neither Parry nor Dodge are bad stats, but when faced with a 1 to 1 comparison the paradigm has shifted from:

Dodge > Defense > Parry


Defense > Dodge > Parry

Does that mean that we should just blindly stack Defense instead of Stamina, Armor and Expertise though? No, of course, not. Those are different stats that fill different roles, but when it comes to Defense, Dodge and Parry, Defense wins. Don’t stop at 540 Defense, start there and go beyond.


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Re: Artículo interesante sobre Defensa (inglés)

Mensaje  Leicaco el Miér Ene 14, 2009 9:53 pm

wenas se podria traducir ??? es k mis conocimientos de ingles son escasitos Sad Sad Sad mas o menos lo intuyo pero no lo tengo muy claro Razz Razz


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Re: Artículo interesante sobre Defensa (inglés)

Mensaje  Neferata el Jue Ene 15, 2009 11:13 am

Hace una explicación porcentual de lo que aportan los "stats" de la equipación para tanke, que no traduciré puesto que son sólo números. En resumen el orden para la equipación de un buen tanke son:
1º.- Defense
2º.- Dodge
3º.- Parry

Pero no se pueden descuidar Stamina, Armor y Expertise puesto que son características que no trabajan al mismo nivel y son muy importantes como las anteriores.

Y para finalizar el tema, 540 de Defense es bueno, pero a partir de ahí es cuando un tanke empieza a ser considerado como tal, así que ya lo sabéis 540 es el principio de vuestra senda como PaNZëRS.

Gracias por el post Ploktar ^_^


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Re: Artículo interesante sobre Defensa (inglés)

Mensaje  Contenido patrocinado

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